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Australian visitors and Cornwall

Monday, May 10th, 2010

I haven’t posted for a while because I have been really busy both at the school as well as having visitors from Australia. My sister Trish and her husband have just spent a few weeks with us. It has been an absolutely delightful time. At one point I thought I might get some extra time with them with flights being grounded because of the volcanic ash, but they did leave as planned.

While they were here we managed to get two nights away in Cornwall. While we were in Cornwall we went down to the Lizard and visited several of the lovely villages there including Lizard Point where the Suevic, a White Star Liner, ran aground in 1907 on its way back from Australia. We thought that the Australian connection was interesting! Fortunately there was no loss of life when the ship ran aground which was due to the swift response of the crew and four of the local lifeboat stations.

Of course whilst in Cornwall, we had to test all the food!! We had fantastic Cornish Pasties hot from the oven, Cornish Ice Cream with clotted cream and also sampled some lovely Ale. Trish and I worried about our waistlines after we got back!!

On our way back to Bristol we visited St Austell where our Dad was evacuated during the Bristol blitz in the Second World War. We went down to Charlestown where Dad used to collect gulls eggs along the cliffs with a local boy who went on to become the Harbour Master there. Dad always talked with fondness of his time when he was evacuated.

I am now in the middle of a four week cookery course so am very busy.  Must be off now to order the food so that I can teach the classes!!!!

Until next time Fran