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Day 3

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Camembert & Shallot Tart (Page 53)

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Creamy Fish Pie (Page 106)

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Pizza Dough & Tomato Topping with Oregano (Page 273)

Shortcrust Pastry (Demo – Jam Tarts) (Page 322)

Day 2

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Mediterranean Chicken with Tomato & Basil Sauce (Page 219)

Creamed Celeriac (Grated into double cream & heated slowly until it darkens)

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Chicken Stock (Page 77)

day2_3 The stock can be made darker by pre-roasting the chicken bones and darker still by adding the vegetables to the roasting pan. The onion skins can also be left on.
The fat should be skimmed off when the stock is cold from the fridge the following day and then the whole batch reduced by half over a low heat.

A Bouquet Garni should be added during the boiling process.

Mixed Mushroom & Parmesan Risotto (Page 227)

Steamed Sponge Pudding (Page 335)

Crème Anglaise (Page 108)

Summer Fruits Coulis (Page 99)

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Day 1

Monday, July 9th, 2012

White Bread Dinner Rolls (page 383)

day1_1 When the dough has risen for the second time brush lightly with milk and sprinkle on your desired seed.

If you decide to plait the dough then the baking time should be increased by about 10 mins.

Duck Breasts with Berry Sauce (Page 128)
Artichoke Mash (Page 13)
Lemon Posset (Page 202)