Day 4

Carrot & Orange Soup (Page 105)

Crème Du Barry (Page 112)

day4_1 Louis XIV had a mistress by the name of Madame Du Barry who had a particular liking to cauliflower. He ordered his chefs to create many varieties of cauliflower dishes and named them after her. Crème Du Barry was one of her favourites.
Calamari (Page 52)

To prepare:

Pull gently from the head and remove as much intestine as possible. Cut off tentacles just behind eyes and remove the beak. Pull out the quill and remove the skin. Wash through with cold water and slice to desired size. Ensure calamari is dried before deep frying.


Mayonnaise (Page 217)

day4_3 The bright yellow colour will vary depending how yellow the yolk of the egg is and also the type of mustard; English will be more yellow than Dijon.

When buying mayonnaise be aware that it is almost impossible to make a “low fat” one. So if it says light on the bottle ask what is in it – innit!

Roast Beef (Page 411) Yorkshire Puds (Page 387/8)

Gravy from the roasting pan:
Take the juices from the tin with minimum fat, avoid burnt bits.
Make a roux with 2-3 tbsps of flour.
Add a splash of red wine and a tsp of mustard.
Add stock and water to taste & desired thickness. YUM!


Fruit Crumble (Page 28)

day4_5 A variety of dry ingredients can be mixed in at the rubbing in stage. Oats & mixed nuts works well.

If you prefer the fruit softer and sweeter then gently heat in a pan with some sugar before layering the dish.

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