Taking the plunge – we’ve all got a book in us…

We’re all supposed to have a book in us. After years of planning, my sister and I have just taken the plunge and published ours. The title Simply 3 – 5 refers to the number of main ingredients typically needed to create delicious, stylish meals for any occasion. It’s the cookery book we’re sure many of you are waiting for – and of course, we encourage the use of local and seasonal produce wherever possible.

Simply  3 – 5 – food was never simpler or more stylish

Years in cookery have shown me how classy, delicious food needn’t take all day to prepare – or need a supermarket trolley full of ingredients. From students to busy business people, we’re all time-pressured these days.  But why should this stop us enjoying fast, nutritious and interesting meals every night of the week? With Simply 3 – 5 there’s no reason at all.

Since childhood, Kathy and I have enjoyed cooking. The more I got into my catering and cookery career, I realised that most cookery books spend their lives, unread if not unloved, on kitchen shelves – or coffee tables. Many people only try a handful of the recipes; and once they’ve done them a couple of times they can usually prepare them from memory.

Many recipes are too complicated with too many ingredients

So why do so many great recipes remain untried? It’s often because of the time they take. But even more often I’m convinced it’s down to the intimidating list of ingredients  – not all of which are easily available, especially in a snatched lunch-break or on the way home after another exhausting day. We’ve written Simply 3 – 5 with this in mind. It’s the cookery book that Kathy and I wished we had years ago; the book that so many students have said they’d like to see.

A cookery book you’ll carry with you

Forget about yet another ‘kitchen shelf tome’ full of arty photographs and page-long lists of obscure ingredients. Ours is a compact book packed with 200 winning recipes that only need a few main ingredients. And unlike Jamie or Gordon’s latest bestseller, Simply 3 – 5 is easy to take with you, in your briefcase, a handbag, on holiday, or in your car glove compartment. That way it’s always there to inspire you when you’ve got a few minutes.

All the taste without a huge shop and long preparation

Simply 3 – 5 contains easy to cook recipes that are big on flavour, style and culinary heritage, delicious recipes for everything from a family meal to a romantic lovers’ supper. We’ve taken classic dishes and stripped them down to the tastiest, readily available essentials. That way you get to enjoy all the taste and all the finesse without the time-consuming shopping and preparation.

What are you waiting for? All it takes is three to five ingredients.

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