2010 already!!!!!

You are probably wondering where we have been!!  Kathy and I have been very busy since the launch of our new cookbook Simply 3 – 5.  In fact, Kathy made a flying visit to England late in November all the way from sunny Melbourne in Australia to the colder climate here. 

We really enjoyed spending some time together however it was a very hectic time as we supplied all of our Simply 3 – 5 Christmas orders.  We were inundated with orders from people who had purchased Simply 3 – 5 and who were so pleased with the recipes in the book that they wanted to give friends and family a copy of Simply 3 – 5 for Christmas presents.  What a lovely gift to receive.

Then there was the joy and festivities of Christmas!  My family spent Christmas Day here at the Gables School of Cookery.  We had some other members of our extended family join us from Ipswich and had the most wonderful day with them.  Christmas is such a special time for family to be together and I love it.  The cooking was shared by us all and like most people do at Christmas we ate too much!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all the best for 2010 and I will be back soon.


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