New Simply 3 – 5 Book

Since the launch of Simply 3 – 5 in November, I’ve had many requests for sneak previews of the recipes contained in the book. It’ll probably be one of the most useful cookery books you ever buy. In the meantime, here are a few tasters to show you how fast, simple and very stylish the recipes we’ve collected in the new book are.

A wide range of culinary influences

You won’t be surprised that, with my sister Kathy in Australia and me here in the heart of the Cotswolds, the recipes cover a wide range of geographical and culinary influences. What all the recipes have in common is that they simplify classic recipes and make them possible with only a handful of ingredients – and without sacrificing any of the taste. How do we do it? Buy a copy of the book!

Actually, our secret lies in taking out the unnecessary ingredients that have crept into so many recipes over the years. It happens because some cooks like to show off, and because, often with the best intentions, they misguidedly believe that ‘more is better’. In fact, as we show you in Simply 3 – 5, less is very often much, much better.

A classic Mittel-European dessert

Take the classic Mittel-European white chocolate torte for example, the dessert that you may have enjoyed in Germany or Switzerland. In its traditional form, it’s a complex, time-consuming culinary adventure. But in the book we simplify this classic sweet treat, make sure it tastes as good as the one you’d  enjoy on Munich’s Marienplatz, and give you a foolproof recipe. Wunderbar!

Taste of the high Atlas

Heading south and across the Mediterranean, imagine wowing dinner guests with a delicious beef casserole with Moroccan spices. A simplified version of a classic Moroccan tagine, you can make this dish in a regular Pyrex casserole dish. Of course, if you did bring a genuine tagine back from Marrakesh you can use that instead – but you won’t have to spend a whole day scouring your local souk with a long list of  supposedly essential ‘authentic’ ingredients. It’s your choice; I know what I’d do!

Inspired by Normandy

For a rather different starter or a light supper dish that’s sure to impress, please try the cheese and herb pate. Inspired by Normandy’s tradition of soft cheese making, it’s a fresher and tastier version of shop-bought Boursin-type cheeses. And it’s so easy to create with a handful of readily available ingredients…

Kathy’s favourite from down under

Last but not least, my sister Kathy (who co-wrote Simply 3 – 5) has asked me to mention her favourite chicken, avocado and cheese melt. This dish takes us both back to teenage years in Australia – a wonderful, healthy and rather exotic alternative to a sandwich when you fancy a quick and easy lunch or supper snack.

That’s enough for the time being. With four down and only another couple of hundred delicious recipes to go, you’ve had your taster so why not order your copy and discover how easily you can create such delicious meals. What are you waiting for? All it takes is three to five ingredients.

2 Responses to “New Simply 3 – 5 Book”

  1. Frank says:

    Do you offer a version of the 3-5 recipe book in spiral bound form. It’s hard to keep an ordinary bound book open at the correct page.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Frank

    We did look at having Simply 3 – 5 in a spiral bound form, but it became an expensive way to bind the book. We felt that we would like Simply 3 – 5 to be affordable for the average person as they are the people who will gain most benefit from it. We also considered the fact that there are many very stylish cook book holders on the market which will hold the book open as well helping to keep the pages of the book clean!

    Fran and Kathy

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