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Build your baking confidence with a one-day pastry and bread course

Do you love the smell of fresh bread and envy top chefs’ pastry skills? Have you avoided advanced baking because it seems too difficult or you haven’t found the right course yet?

Delicious results guaranteed

If you’ve been seeking a pastry making course or a bread making course, the Gables School of Cookery has something special for you - our one-day combined bread and pastry course.

A few hours in our superbly equipped kitchens will demystify advanced baking. Impress yourself, your friends and family, you’ll soon be using your new skills to create scrumptious results.

Try our ‘pastry school’ for a great day out

Your confidence soars in our relaxed, purpose-built kitchen as you unleash your latent baking talent. As well as enjoying a great day out and making new friends, we’re sure you’ll surprise yourself. And because you’re baking without preservatives and chemicals, you know everything you bake is good for you and your family.

  • Each day’s pastry and bread course runs from 10.00 am to 4 pm
  • Meet fellow students for coffee and biscuits
  • Listen to a briefing on the day’s menu
  • Learn as you prepare, bake and taste delicious food
  • Acquire professional skills you won’t find in many bread classes

Build your baking confidence

A classic bloomer or melt-in-the-mouth shortcrust pastry? Whatever your aspirations, our one-day bread and pastry course will build your confidence and give you the great sense of achievement you get from successful pastry or bread baking...

Making your own breads and pastries is easy, relaxing and, some say, therapeutic. Enrol now for the pastry and bread course of a lifetime.





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