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Gables Cookery School Case Studies

Case Study 4: Luciana B 

Dear Fran and Chris,

I am currently living on my sail boat in Grenada, nice for time.

I went back to Grenada nearly two years ago and in a matter of months I got my first job as a cook and stuardess on a 57' foot. Charters. Was real good, sail up to Antigua and throu the Windword Island, great pay and huge tips.... very nice.

It lasted only 2 1/2 months and anyway I then "caught" a job on a very nice 1983 65' Swan, no charters Owner only and family.

I was the "Boat Mama" coined the term myself and that was just right.

Sadly the owner wasnt very well and in september he passed away, very sad.

On this boat I crossed the Atlantic twice, from Antigua to Majorca via Azores, wonderful trip! and Med for the summmer and from there back to Antigua in november.

I then finished with this job mid january, came back to Grenada, put my baot back at anchor and since I only did a job as a consultant in a very busy place, I took care on one of the kitchen (the pizzeria....).

Was good. I consulted them especialy in Hygiene and food preparation and conservation and x-contaminations ect..... The course at Gables was a very good help !!!! :)

And of course also how to make proper pizzas,

Unfortunaly I had a bad fall 10 weeks ago and I'm still in a ricovery time. You know, ostheopath, physiotherapy and so...... I ripped the tendons on my right shoulder..... bad news.

Luckily i'm in a very nice place, surrounded by nature and very relaxed. Good people around and that's a blessing.

There is also a Rastanman Bamboo Bar on the beach and that provides gathering and parties.

I guess that I will be completely restored by agust and I want to because I may have a lovely job lined up for me.......Chef assistant and Stuwie assistant and deck help if needed. Three crew on a 75'.

I like the idea of "assistant", it means less stress and a chance to learn new tricks.

I will probably be in Europe by september and, well I'm not too good at plans so lets not bother.

I hope all is good with you lot, and that your busisness is standing strong against the hard economic times.

I met a girl, Maria Beddoe in the Azores before she came to Gable and we arbecame friends, met her in Palma in the summer too.She is a very nice girl.

I am sure you remember her very well.

I even met Zena in Antigua, she seems happy, got a good job with her maybe-hubbie now.

Ok all for now, I send you nice vibes from the Carabeans. Sounds good but we entered the hurricane season and today we have an howing wind.... not my favoured at all.


Luciana B

Luciana B. 16 July 2007 4 week course



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