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Gables Cookery School Case Studies

Case Study 7: Yvonne G 

Hi Chris

Hope you and all the team are keeping busy.

Just thought I would update you about the exciting times I have encountered since finishing the course.

As you know, Holly and I went to Provence in France earlier this month where we had a fantastic time.  We prepared breakfasts each day; dinner of Coq au Vin with crusty bread for twelve on the first night, Champagne and Canapes on the village green on Friday; Canapes and a 4 course dinner for 34 guests on Saturday, and a BBQ for 34 on Sunday afternoon. 

On exploring the outbuildings of the house I came across a large paella pan and just couldn't resist the temptation - off to the fishmongers for a variety of fish and shellfish  and an hour later arrived on the terrace where I was greeted with a standing ovation  by all the guests whilst carrying a 1.2 metre round
paella dish to the table! 

Most of the guests left on Monday morning along with Holly and as my flight wasn't until Wednesday, I continued to cook experimenting with local produce. The house was in a small village with local butcher, greengrocers and supermarket where we could get all provisions needed apart from the lamb for the main course on Saturday which we had to order in.

It has beautiful well equipped kitchen with lots of space which was a big bonus. We received fantastic feedback on our cuisine, and, I have since been contacted by one of the guests to cook for a shooting/fishing party in Perthshire this autumn.

Back home for only 1 day then I went to Tenerife to complete my Competent Crew Training.  I chose Club Sail (www.clubsail.com) in Tenerife. The course was highly informative with excellent tuition ( Sue and Mike) and was hands on from day one.

I shared a 40' Sailing yacht called AGI with three other students and, guess who ended up cooking?  Tiny kitchen but was able to get fresh Tuna and octopus from the fisherman who shared the harbour and made red vegetable ratatouille with pasta to go with it. 

As I was doing the cooking the others done the washing up so it was a good deal!  I would highly recommend Club Sail as would the other students who completed their Day Skippper course over two weeks.

Prior to Provence I had a booking for a 60th Birthday celebration which I made a 3 course lunch for 14 guests  and the following evening a hot and cold buffet for 60 guests and I was lucky to have the assistance of a barman and a waitress -  both of which were of great assistance.

I have a photo shoot coming up this weekend with  local photographer and am hoping to have some great shots taken by one of the lakes early in the morning.

Will keep in touch with you all.

Best wishes

Yvonne G – 13 July 2009 4 week course



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