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Myers Briggs Assessment

As part of the Gables Cookery school programme we offer students an opportunity, without obligation, to use a development tool called the Myers Briggs Indicator. It is a well known instrument, used for over 50 years, that enables individuals to start thinking about and understanding themselves better.  Also to allow them to consider their strengths as well as areas of development in terms of their career and other aspects of their lives. In understanding themselves individuals can then start to relate more effectively and better manage relationships with others with whom they interact on a daily basis.

This Myers Briggs opportunity will be introduced by a qualified Myers Briggs practitioner at an informal evening session during each four week course to enable Gables students to consider whether this might help them.  The practitioner has many years of experience of using the Myers Briggs Indicator with individuals ranging from young people in education to professionally qualified adults at various career levels.








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