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Do you want to cook pheasant and game like the top chefs?

Ever wonder how to cook pheasant like top professionals? Or how to cook venison the way it’s done in the heart of Speyside or Lairg?


The delicious taste of perfectly cooked game

Venison, pheasant or hare? Imagine game and you probably envisage ruddy autumn sunlight, heathland, forests and moors, barking dogs, crackling bracken and the report of guns. And later, the delicious taste of perfectly cooked game, maybe accompanied by a fine Shiraz or a full-bodied Bordeaux...


Discover the secrets of how to cook venison and other game

Game cookery is healthy, rich in flavour, low-fat and high-protein - and its secrets are accessible to anyone with knowledge and training. Just imagine yourself cooking, then eating, dishes such as the following:

  • Venison and cranberry Tartlets
  • Pheasant breasts with pancetta and rosemary
  • Braised rabbit casserole followed by Bramley and Russet apple pie with Calvados sauce

With farmed game more widely available, Britain is seeing renewed interest in game cooking. Whether you’re cooking pheasant or cooking venison, getting the most out of game requires special skills: young meat, for instance requires quick roasting at higher temperatures, while older game works better with slow cooking. Whether farmed or hunted, learning how to cook pheasant or other game to its best requires the professional knowledge you’ll get from your day at The Gables School of Cookery.


Pheasant and Game Cookery Course programme

Each course runs from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m, starting with morning coffee, home baked biscuits and a briefing on the day’s menu plan. Then it’s time for tuition on preparing game and cooking of the day’s dishes, followed by hands-on cooking with tasting - and a delicious sit down meal.


 I attended your pheasant and game cooking course at the end of October and had a fantastic day thank you - Laura O



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