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Stylish, simple cooking with 3 - 5 ingredients

Simply 3 - 5: A Collection of Cookery Recipes
Using Only 3, 4 or 5 Ingredients (Paperback)

by Fran Winston (Author), Kathy Woods (Author)
Price: £8.95 

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Simple cooking can be amazing cooking!

How often have you avoided recipes because of long ingredients lists? In Simply 3 - 5, Fran Winston shows how stylish, delicious meals can be quickly and easily prepared with a handful of readily available ingredients. Much more than just a guide to simple cookery, Fran’s simple cookery book is packed with over 200 great recipes, including specially updated versions of classics for today’s busy lifestyles. Yet Simply 3 - 5 is also small enough to slip into readers’ briefcases and handbags - the key to planning amazing meals in a few spare moments.

  • Stylish simple cookery recipes with a rich culinary heritage
  • Five or fewer ingredients
  • Use of local and seasonal produce is encouraged
  • Free email support for questions, suggestions and ideas
  • Quick, easy recipes for cooking
  • Suitable for everyone - no experience needed for perfect results
  • Compact A5 format fits in with your busy life

Simple cooking that’s delicious and easy for everyone

From simple starters and appetising main courses to stunning desserts, Simply 3 - 5 is the easy recipe book for proven recipes that guarantee cooks at all levels delicious results. From students to business people, Fran answers many a cook’s heartfelt wish: how to create amazing food without lots of shopping and preparation.

  • Starters
  • Soups with 3 ingredients
  • Main courses
  • Salads
  • Side dishes
  • Cakes and biscuits with 4 ingredients
  • Delicious deserts

The quick and easy recipes you’ve been waiting for

Whatever you fancy, if it’s based on up to five ingredients, Simply 3 - 5 has the quick and easy cooking recipes you want. As an experienced professional chef and principal of the Gables School of Cookery, Fran’s trained more than 1000 chefs to pro-standard over the last 12 years. In Simply 3 - 5, Fran and her sister Kathy have created the cookery book so many people have waited for - not just another ‘kitchen shelf filler’ but a shining star among easy cooking books that you’ll count on to delight family and friends.

This is such a useful cookbook and believe me I have many which aren’t. I have already ordered four more for my friends.

 I now have both my son and daughter cooking with recipes from Simply 3 - 5 , quite an achievement I can tell you.

Although I was sceptical about using so few ingredients my dinner party guests
were very impressed with all three courses I produced from Simply 3 -5.

Order your copy now

Faster, simpler, more stylish meals are easy to achieve. That’s why we believe Simply 3 - 5 will become your everyday companion and an inspiration for delicious simple cookery - and why you should buy Simply 3 - 5 in bookshops, through Amazon, or right here.


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For international orders and any enquiries about the book please contact simply3to5@thegablesschoolofcookery.co.uk.



Simply 3 - 5 Press Reviews

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Welsh Country Magazine - July 2010

Your Home - June 2010

Clifton Life Magazine - Summer 2010

Bristol Evening Post - Crackerjack March 2010


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Professional chef Fran Winston and her sister Kathy Woods are urging all of us to bring ‘Simple’ back to the art of cooking with a collection of easy-to-follow recipes that you will actually use. The recipes use between just three and five ingredients but to keep things really simple all the ingredients are common items that you can find in any UK supermarket.

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