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Where are our students now?

Like any endeavour in life, who knows where your cookery dream will take you. What will you do with that dream, once you have your world-class Gables School of Cookery training behind you?

Maybe you aspire to run a restaurant in the UK; or perhaps you’re keen to combine world travel, aboard a luxury yacht or in alpine chalet catering, with your new knowledge? Either way, the world awaits you with your newly acquired cookery skills and the priceless life skills you’ll have learned with us.


How to use the map

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Caribbean or Mediterranean bound?
You'd be amazed at the opportunities which await friendly, creative and well-trained chefs on luxury yachts in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and in other exotic locations. You'll need to get on well with different people, earn the respect of colleagues, and willingly muck-in with those other, non-cooking-related tasks essential for the successful running of the boat. In return, your hard work and great menus will be hugely appreciated and prove vital in maintaining morale on-board!

Make no mistake, it's challenging work as you plan provisioning for a week in the Greek Isles or another transatlantic crossing; you're part of a tightly knit team and everyone's counting on you to come up with delicious and satisfying food. And of course there's the creative challenge when, with a vital ingredient running short, your ingenuity's tested to the full. That's when you'll really appreciate the quality of training you received at The Gables.

Head for the slopes
If you prefer solid ground beneath your feet, adore winter sports, and appreciate the majesty of the mountains, how about a career in ski-chalet catering? As at sea, you'll be challenged to use your organisational and budgeting skills to provide memorable hospitality and delight your guests before and after a day on the piste.

Click on the world map to see what our former students have been doing. Then embrace your dream and head off on your new, exciting career in international catering. Bon voyage!




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